Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birds without Feathers

That's basically what a reptile is, right? OK, OK - I realize there are a lot more differences between reptiles and birds than just feathers. There are wings, and then that whole endotherm/ectotherm thing ("warm blooded" and "cold blooded") But really, there are a lot of similarities, too, and so when I found the following reptiles at Wildacres last month, I was drawn to them, as if to a flightless bird.

This Five-lined Skink was quite the character. He hung around the studio doorway regularly, and posed for many photos. His blue tail means he is a juvenile. As an adult, he will lose that color. (I don't really know his gender.)

There was also a Broad-headed Skink, who did not approve of my attempts to photograph him. Every time I took aim, he skittered underneath a clump of poison ivy. Too bad, dude - you missed your fifteen minutes of fame.

While I was on skink patrol, quietly waiting to bag the broad-headed, this fine fellow appeared. He seemed to be heading toward my skinks when he saw me.

I pointed the camera lens at a spot on the other side of the post, waiting to snatch another picture as he continued along the deck edge, but he didn't appear. Seems he changed his mind about skink for lunch, and instead turned and shimmied down the deck supports to the forest floor, in search of a less-crowded diner.


Sheltiedoc said...

I saw a skink on the wall on my front porch last week- had never seen one here before. I think he was hanging out in my big flower pot. Cool looking, but I admit I'm a little creeped out by him so close to my door- I don't want him deciding to zip inside while I'm unloading the car one day!

Great header shot, btw!

Kathiesbirds said...

Katdoc, nice reptiles you have there. I saw quite a few up in Sabino canyon today but I didn't have my camera with me. We were doing a bird survey and it was just too hot to haul around!

Lisa said...

You don't have to rationalize your reptile-love. Just admit it, you like them there scaly things!

(I have fond memories of playing hide-and-seek with a skink one summer down at Serpent Mound. He was cute.)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I particularly like the skink.