Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wine Workers Walk: Want Wages

Apologies to all who have been waiting for new posts. I wasn't in a blogging mood, but I promise to improve. (Blame my FarmVille addiction)

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When I went to work at my "fun job" on Saturday, Bill said, "Did Patti get in touch with you? We are having an impromptu, end-of-season staff party on Sunday to warm the new patio and pergola. Olive Garden is catering. We'd love to see you." Wine and Italian food? I'm so there!

When I arrived, Bill was opening the wine.
Patti called Bill over to the "hot seat."She sat him in front of the group
and opened the "staff meeting."

Bill: "Huh? We're having a staff meeting?"

After thanking the hospitality staff for their hard work this season, Patti came to the real point of the meeting. Seems she and Harmony Hill good friends and
neighbors, Jake and Jenny, are tired of working for free.

They were striking for a paycheck, and threatened to "Sell No Wine" before Bill signs.

Jake and Jenny present their demands.
Shop foreman Patti plans her strategy.

After the striking workers left the picket line, food and wine (or Coke for those under 21) was enjoyed by all.

Evan discusses the quality of another chambourcin wine. (Much inferior to HH's "Rubato.)
Bill was laughing so hard he cried.See why I call this my Fun Job?

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