Thursday, January 21, 2010

OOS at The Wilds: The big surprise

This post won't have many words. And, soon, you will see why not. The special treat for OOS members who attended The Wilds winter raptor event? A behind the scenes tour of the white rhinoceros building, including the new baby, 3 month old Anan, born on Halloween. And, we even got to touch them!

A mother rhino and her year-old offspring.Coming in for a closer look.
Mother is alert for possible dangers, like veterinarians.
"That's close enough, lady. Back off."
"Yes, Ma'am!" (She actually came up to me and bumped my arm with the base of that horn. I backed up.)

"Aw, shucks, Maw - I wanted to play with her!"Who knew a rhino could sit like a dog?Or, that they had such cool feet?Or ears?
I thought watching a rhino take a mud bath was the best.Until I saw one playing chasing games with her baby.

Nothing is cuter than a baby, especially a baby rhino.
Sweet-faced Anan nuzzles a visitor's leg, like a puppy.


Anonymous said...

Kathi: Great photos. Thanks for the memories. That was such a fun day. Su

Beth in NYC said...

What a fabulous experience! It's interesting seeing these animals whose home habitat is an arid savannah running around and taking mud baths with snow all around. I understand they don't see so well but the rhino's hearing and sense of smell are extremely acute.

dAwN said...


Tricia said...

Thanks for coming back to inform and entertain us! You have been missed. I can't get enough of the rhino pictures, you captured so many aspects of such a unique animal.

Cindy said...

Thanks for coming back. I have been a lurker for quite awhile. You were missed. Great pics!! Rhinos. Why not after birding!

cindyzlogic said...

Very cool! Looks like you had a great time! Rhino nuzzling was really cute.