Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Choose?

After mourning the loss of my beloved Grace for the last six weeks, I am entering the next phase of life for a Dog Mom - puppy fever. You know it when it hits you - the yearnings whenever you see a new puppy, the ache you feel when you hold one next to your heart, with its heavy warmth and its little snuffly baby noises, the urge to get back into obedience classes and learn something new - maybe I'll try clicker training this time. Trust me, puppy fever is a terrible disease to endure, and no one suffers more than a vet. Worse yet, there is no vaccination for this syndrome.

The only cure for puppy fever, and it is a temporary cure at best, is to get back into the game and start looking for your next dog. To that end, I am exchanging e-mails with Jane, she of Pups Will Travel, and yes, the breeder of the Famous Chet Baker, for help in finding a Boston Terrier puppy with my name on it.

These two little girls are not Jane's, but from a fellow BT breeder in Georgia. I think I'm in love, but with which one? All two week old Boston Terrier puppies are perfect.

How can a Dog Mom choose?
puppy 1

puppy 2

Who wants to toss in their 2 cents' worth?
Oh, the agony of a decision ...


holly said...

Oh hell, take 'em both.

For the record, I like the little skunk stripe on #2. ;)

retriever farm said...

#2 has better markings even though the shaw doesn't llok quite perfect.

retriever farm said...

May be better to wait and see who has the best conformation at around 7 weeks. that's usually when we make our final picks, even though I start evaluating at 4 weeks. I have a great video on structure, of course your breed standard is also a good place to start. that can be found on the AKC website.

KatDoc said...

Holly: No, no, no!!! Only one puppy at a time. Two puppies = at least 3x the work of one, maybe even more.

Lisa: You can't see it from this photo, but puppy 2 doesn't have a complete shawl, just a lightning bolt streak down the right shoulder. But, it does have a better blaze and more white on the rear legs than 1 does. I like #1's head (even tho the white blaze doesn't go all the way back.)

But, as you say, you can't tell much about conformation at this age. I don't want to be in a hurry, but I am getting impatient. And, I still have 2 months to wait!

Beth in NYC said...

It's amazing how quickly after losing a beloved pet you can actually open your heart again to a new one. It's happened to me a couple of times and I'm grateful.

Both of these girls are so cute, I don't know how you can choose! It's too bad they're not closer so you can handle them. As was already suggested, maybe waiting a couple of weeks might help your choice.

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm assuming there isn't a good breeder closer than Georgia. That seems such a long way to bring home a new baby. Being a doggie doc you will be able to select the better one in short order when you get there. Boston Terrier? Hmmm...I thought of you as a large breed owner.

Good Luck!!! Hope we'll see lots of baby pictures.

Heron said...

OMIGOSH, those babies are so cute !

I hope you have a wonderful and happy adventure searching for the perfect puppy.


Elaine H. Williams said...

Everyone should be able to get the dog they want, but I would be very careful. I see the pups are "ACA" registered. The American Canine Association was invented by the puppy millers who were unwilling to follow even the AKC's relatively lax rules on record keeping and DNA for frequently used sires. ACA just sends up the biggest "Danger, Danger, unscrupulous breeder" warnings - to me.

KatDoc said...

Elaine: I don't see where you found "ACA" registration. These pups are AKC registered (I have seen the pedigree.) Thank you for this comment, as you are quite right about ACA.

A number of "registries" have cropped up, allowing people to put papers on any dog they choose. There are even mixed-breed "registries" that will give you papers on your "hybrid" or "designer" dog. Potential puppy parents should run if the registration says anything other than AKC (American Kennel Club) or UKC (United Kennel Club.) These are the only two legitimate registries, to my knowledge.

Elaine H. Williams said...

I apologize for my error. The puppies NOW advertised on the Pups Will Travel website are shown as ACA registered. I guessed if one litter they were representing was ACA registered, then all their litters were.