Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BTs Can Play with the Big Dogs!

We interrupt the Potholes and Prairies posts for a Panda update.
Isn't she getting big? Almost 8 pounds and 4 months old.

Stalking her target.
One cannot neglect the older child in favor of the baby, so here's my sweet Holly.

I haven't been able to add the video to this blog post. Maybe if you follow this link, you can see it on my FB page:

Watch the grass at the edge of the pond - Heeeee-re's PANDA!

Who said little short-faced dogs can't swim?


Heron said...

I love the photo of Holly and Panda nose-to-nose !

Beth said...

Too cute. And Holly is quite the patient sister. I love the way she just walks right over Panda.

Beth in NYC said...

Unfortunately, I can't view the video. Perhaps it's because I'm not a Facebook friend?

hollly-the-person said...

Thank you for including Holly. It means a lot to us all us Hollies out here ;) And Panda is just a little wuggle of cuteness.