Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can I gross you out? version 2.0

Same warning as before: Look away if you have a low tolerance for ick.



Still with me? OK, then, take a look at this dirty, infected laceration on the neck of a 9 year old Pug. Any idea what caused it?
After sedating Miss Pugg (name changed to comply with HYPPA laws) we began shaving the wound to inspect it more closely. This is the underside of the neck, but the line goes all the way around the sideand across the back, completely encircling the poor dog's neck.In the past, the culprit would have been a rubber band, applied maliciously or perhaps innocently. Today, we have a new foe:Yep, "Silly Bandz," a rubber band updated for the 2010's, but just as tight and constricting as the original version. The family's small boy thought it was a good idea to put this modern day torture device around the dog's neck. (And then, the family went on vacation, leaving the dog at home.)

This wound is at least a week old. The poor dog has had a rubber band around her neck for seven or more days. Do me a favor: Put a tight rubber band around your wrist for 15 minutes, and tell me how it feels. Now, imagine how this dog felt for the past 168 hours. It makes me disgusted.

We scrubbed the wound with an antiseptic solution, then flushed it with sterile saline.
In a perfect world, the dog would have been anesthetized for me to trim and debride the wound edges and suture it closed for primary healing. Unfortunately, the owner was unable (or unwilling) to make the financial commitment for appropriate therapy. Instead, I gave her antibiotics and pain meds, and I am hoping that Nature will help me out with good second intention healing.

Look at this brave old girl. Against all odds, she was gentle and sweet and cooperative throughout the whole treatment. Dog lovers out there, send up a prayer for Miss Pugg tonight.

Update, Aug. 25: Here's the wound 5 days later. Granulation tissue is filling in the defect and Miss Pugg is recovering nicely. Thank goodness for Mother Nature and second intention healing!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh, Good Lord. I've had many pugs during my life and thay are all sweet natured and loving- especially with children. My heart goes out to Miss Pug. She doesn't deserve this suffering.

KGMom said...

Awww--I feel so bad for Miss Pugg who looks like a real sweetie.
Stupid kid. Sorry--it had to be said.

Heron said...

Oh, this poor baby ! Don't you sometimes want to chuck your professional decorum and just scream at a client ? Prayers go out for healing and for better care from her people.

Elizabeth said...

Horrible people. I don't know how you do it but I'm glad you do. Poor, poor sweetie.

Tricia said...

This post has me bawling, that is so sad! I want to shake some sense into that family! I don't imagine that child had any idea what he was setting Miss Pug up for, but the family should make a sacrifice and have Miss Pug treated properly. Animals endure an inordinate amount of suffering at the hands of stupid, emotionally removed humans every day. I'm sure nobody has to tell you.

Julie Zickefoose said...

When I found Silly Bandz on Chet's wrists, even just for a moment and in fun, I stopped and gave both my kids the Rubber Bands on Animals lecture, which I am sure they won't forget. You're doing a great service to pet owners and animal lovers everywhere with these posts. I, too, wonder how you keep your composure when people come in, having done exactly the wrong thing, with an innocent animal paying for their deed.
Great post.