Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sun-Moon Mug

I have been experimenting with glazing techniques lately. I am trying different colors, glazes which have built-in speckles, which are fired at different temperatures, and with underglazes.

Since I cannot draw or paint, I thought I would try using stencils for additional detail and interest in my pieces. Here is my first attempt:

I used a pencil to trace the designs onto the bisque-fired mug. (The stencil was plastic, and the curve of the mug was too great for me to just hold the stencil on the mug and paint it directly. On a platter or other flat surface, that might work.) Then, I filled in the design with a fine brush, handglazing two layers of black. After that dried, I covered the entire mug in three layers of the yellow glaze. When it was done, you could just barely make out the stencil, and I didn't think it would work. I picked it up from the studio this evening (one of the few things that got fired before the power went out. The studio is still dark tonight.) and was pleased with the results. I am trying to think of a way to make a more flexible stencil - maybe trace it onto contact paper - to make it a little easier to do the transfer.

What do you think?


NCmountainwoman said...

I love it! Very nice job. The test for me would be in the holding. Mugs have to FEEL just right. I have more than two dozen lovely pottery mugs, but I use only three of them for morning coffee. Guests seem to love the others.

I cannot believe you are progressing so fast. You are no longer a are a potter.

nina said...

Nice work, Kathi.

Contact paper sounds smart--it might even stretch a little if that would help the curves.

I stenciled our familyroom wall years ago and used an exacto knife to trace shapes onto mylar to get nice crisp edges.
Phew--that's work!

Mary said...


I haven't played with pottery since I was in my TWENTIES, so I don't have suggestions. But, I think you have come a long way! I love the result. You'll have some lovely Christmas gifts to give - made by you...the best kind.