Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


NCmountainwoman said...

Yum, yum. We have apples this year in the mountains after losing most of the crop last year in the "Easter Freeze." Are these from your own trees?

KatDoc said...

Yes, the apples are from my trees, and they are in a bowl that I made. I started to explain on the post, while I was talking on the phone to my sister. (I am still so impressed that I can talk on the phone and be on the Internet at the same time! After years of dial-up, DSL still astounds me!) Anyway, she said I couldn't write an explanation of Wordless Wednesday, or it would cease to be wordless.

Thanks for the chance to ramble in Comments!


Mary said...

Mmmm. I prefer McIntosh but they look sweet.

linda said...

the apples look yummy, and i wondered before i read the comments if the fruit bowl was one you had thrown. beautiful glaze and also must comment on your DSL comment, as i just installed the same after 7 years of dial-up. can hardly get anything done now, just want to sit and read blogs all day~ cheers

Susan Gets Native said...

Yummy apples in a yummy dish!

(My favorite apples are any of those?)

KatDoc said...

Mary and Susan:

These apple trees were here when I moved in and I'm not quite sure of the variety, I think Red and Golden Delicious.

I don't do anything to the trees - spray or fertilize or prune (except to whack off huge branches that are in my face) and when I have tons of blooms in the spring, I leave them - so I get lots of smaller apples instead of a few big ones. The skins are a little tough, and the yellow ones always need scrubbed really well, but I love eating apples from my own trees. Most of the red ones go to the horses, but the yellows are very tasty.

Carolyn: The Easter freeze hit me hard, too, and last year's drought took its toll, but this season has been great. Now, my biggest challenge is the gol' durned starlings who swarm all over, pecking at the apples till they fall to the ground with holes in them. It's a struggle to save a few decent looking ones.