Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Blogs

I'd like to introduce you to two new bloggers, people who I have indirectly influenced to join this crazy hobby we all enjoy.

The first is my technician, Lisa. She blogs at Retriever Farm, where she talks about her family, her job as a vet tech, her farm critters, especially her wonderful show Labradors, cooking, and strangely, her addiction to Def Leopard. (teasing!) I'm sure she'd love visitors, but if you drop by, be forewarned - her husband is a deer hunter (they eat the meat) and they do have deer trophies on the wall. He is a great guy, so don't pick on him! You can find Lisa's blog here.

The second blogger and I have a lot in common - we are both birders, vets, and like to train dogs, although she is much more serious about it than I. Here is our story:

Many years ago (too many to count) I got my first computer and an early CompuServe account to log onto the Internet. Somehow, during those first forays into the ether, I "met" a woman veterinarian named Becky, and found she lived in the greater Cincinnati area. She was interested in dog training and we had some nice chats.

Not long after, I moved, my computer died, and I lost touch with her. Years later, I reconnected with Becky, and in one of those cosmic coincidences, found she knew my current boss. She also posts on the Cincinnati Bird Club website, and although we rarely meet in person, I feel she is a friend.

She has just begun her blog, called Gone to the Dogs, and one of her early posts features beautiful photos of the woodpeckers who call her backyard home. She gets all seven species that reside in our area! I am especially jealous of the Red-headed Woodpeckers who breed in her woods. Check her out here.

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