Thursday, October 29, 2009

I need a bug expert.

And, I do mean "bug," as in "true bug" rather than "generic insect." I've got it narrowed down that far, based on the piercing-sucking mouth parts, the half-leathery wings folded in an "X" on the back and the long antenna.

I found this largish, interesting critter on the roof of my car this evening, just as I was about to leave work. I put him in a sample jar, brought him home and stuck him in the 'fridge for a while to slow him down, then took him out and photographed him before releasing him in my back yard.

Near as I can come, using my handy-dandy Kenn Kaufman insect guide, is variety of Leaf-footed Bugs, genus Acanthocephala. I can't get any closer, either common name or species.

Anybody want to chime in here?


Anonymous said...

Hi, this could possibly be
A. terminalis. I looked it up
on BugGuide.Net. Good luck with
this one.
Hap in New Hope

holly-the-person said...

No clue, but if you don't find out here, send the pic to I've identified a few that way. And the site is pretty fun to browse.

KatDoc said...

Thanks, Hap - I checked BugGuide, and I believe you are right, as usual. A. terminalis it is! Read that these things have stink glands - good thing I didn't upset it too much.

Holly - thanks for the input. I have both and What's That Bug? bookmarked. Trouble is, I often need help to find a starting point. There are WAY too many insects in this world!

Mary said...

We call them Stink Bugs down here. They're all over the place. Large, I know, but harmless. I really don't know if they stink. ha ha ha ha

KatDoc said...

Mary: Stink bugs are also "True Bugs" and are close relatives of these Leaf-footed Bugs. Both of them have scent glands that spray a stinky fluid when the critter is disturbed.

dguzman said...

I too was going with "stink bug." There are big ones (like an inch long) and then smaller ones (1/2 inch). No idea of the genus and species, but do NOT let them squirt that stinky juice in your eyes. It'll blind you for a couple of days and it stings like a muthah!