Monday, October 12, 2009

Lots of Pots, part 2

Technical issues with getting more photo storage space has kept this blog on hold for a while. Now that I have resolved that crisis, I hope to be back on the air with more regularity than lately.

Continuing with my latest pottery pieces, I give you first - 24 spoon rests.

What got me into Production Potter mode? My mother, of course.

"Can you make me some spoon rests to give as Christmas presents?" she asked. "Sure, Mom, no problem."
I went into the studio one Saturday morning and threw 10 spoon rests in two hours. I was on fire. I called her - "Mom, I made you ten spoon rests."

"Thanks, honey. Can you make twenty?"
Sigh. Sure, Mom, whatever you ask.

Now, when your goal is to make X number of items, every potter knows you need to make X+, to allow for breakage, glazing errors, or general failure of the thing to be what you envision it to be. So, back to the studio I went, spending another 2 hours throwing 10 more spoon rests. Later I added a few more, for good measure.

I called my mom. "Mom, I made you 10 more spoon rests. There will be at least 20 for you."

"Thanks, dear, but I'm not sure I need that many."
Sigh. OK, Mom, whatever you say.

Anybody need a spoon rest?

On to other projects. Textured Kiwi, a Spectrum glaze, is quickly becoming one of my favorites, as if you couldn't tell by this series of pieces.
This plate is made of brown clay, and is 10 inches in diameter. It only has a very slight wobble to it. Getting a plate to be totally flat is quite a challenge.
This bowl is one I made at my pottery retreat back in June. We used a white earthenware clay, from a local supplier called Highwater Clays. It took me a while to decide what to do with it. Textured Kiwi to the rescue!(Sadly, there is a teeny flaw in the glaze where it didn't stick.)
This lidded vessel is also of Highwater Clay, from my trip to North Carolina. I stenciled the bluebird onto the bisque-fired clay with underglazes, then covered that with clear glaze. The rest of the vessel is kiwi again, with satin white in the interior.One of the reasons I love this glaze so much is that it looks equally good on brown clay, as in this piece below, as it does on the white clay of the bowl and lidded pot above.
Cat food bowls. Simple, quick, easy, fun - one can never have enough cat food bowls, right?
(3 Coyote shino glazes. left to right: Goldenrod, light green, light blue. Cat stencils in black underglaze)

This large, deep bowl is glazed in Textured Navy. I love the color, but the glaze gives me fits. If I get it the least bit too thick, it runs and drips terribly, causing it to adhere to the kiln shelf it is sitting on, and getting me in hot water with Peggy.
A small, simple bowl of brown clay, glazed in Chun Plum.
Finally, a piece in progress. This lidded vase was made in two pieces and has been bisque fired and glazed. It is now at the studio, awaiting its final fire. This is the point when all potters begin sacrificing to the kiln gods, praying for a successful outcome.
Can't wait to share the final results with you!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Wow Kathi! You've really moved along in your pottery passion. They're all lovely pieces.

BTW- Remember the soap pumper you gave me in WV? I've got it tucked away for use at our cabin! I'll always be able to look at it and think of you there.

holly-the-person said...

Wow, lidded vessels? I am so impressed. You are so awesome! I love the last one, will it be the same colors when it is done?

Tricia said...

I can't wait to see the final result! Love all of this, the cat food bowls really tickle me.

dguzman said...

WOW! Just when I was feeling like the Textured Kiwi was pretty much the most beautiful glaze evah, you showed all those other ones.

You are indeed my pottery hero; it's one of those things (like law school) that I'm always saying I want to do but have never found the time for. Someday!

Weedpicker Cheryl said...

It is fun to see your "other" hobby! My daughter also seems to favor the same Kiwi; I have a shelf full of matching pieces.

You are doing some amazing stuff. The cat motiffs are so cute- you should do plates or mugs with them. I bet your Mom would order 20! Cheryl

Beth said...

I bow to the Pottery Queen. Pretty amazing. The Chun Plum is my fave. Textured Kiwi is pretty too...