Friday, April 16, 2010


Coming soon, the BAM! Festival. BAM, as in Bethel Art and Music, that is, the first of what planners hope will be an annual event, featuring a juried art show, music - 3 bands!, a quilt show, old tractors, antique cars, Harmony Hill wine and Scarborough Fair pottery. Here are some examples of the pieces I'll have for sale at our booth.

You want spoon rests? I'll have 'em. These five are a few of at least a dozen.

Same with pet food bowls - there should be a few choices.
A set of three small matching bowls, in green tea on brown clay.

And look - they stack!

Also made of brown clay and glazed in green tea - a new favorite of mine - is this vase
and this small pitcher,
which I am rather proud of.
Look - a decent handle!
(There is hope for me yet.)

Going back to my roots, here is a pump dispenser, also of brown clay but this time glazed in my old friend, blue rutile.
This reminds me - I haven't been doing these lately. I need to make some more.

I hope to get a few of these small lidded crocks done, and then fill them with homemade soy candles. Time is running short, though, so maybe that will have to be put on hold.

textured kiwi on brown clay
textured turquoise on white clay

Two of these chili bowls will be available - - the one on the left is mine.
These are white clay, dipped in Morty's green and celery.

I must say, I'm very pleased with this piece, a potpourri burner. It came out very nice. I'll put it in the sale, but I think I'll put a high price on it.

Made of white clay, the top was stenciled and hand-painted with underglazes, then dipped in clear glaze. The bottom is dipped in Morty's green. I have only used one dip in the past - two gives a much deeper color.

The inspiration was this piece, from my collection. I think I did as good or better with my copy!

If you want a "Black Kat Pottery" original, please visit the Scarborough Fair vendor booth. (My shift is 2-5pm.) I think we'll be in front of the Grant Memorial Building at the corner of Plane and Main Streets (SR 125 and SR 133.) Worry not - if you would rather buy good stuff, real potters will also be there. I'll be the comic effect.

So, if you are in the area and looking for fun, food, music, wine, and last-minute Mother's Day gifts, be sure to visit Bethel, Ohio on Sat, May 8. We'll be there all day!

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retriever farm said...

Glad to see the doodling during the CARE center meeting was put to good use. LOL BTW my ears were burning yesterday, if you guys have ?'s you can ask me.