Thursday, November 8, 2007

Destination: Trader Joe's

One of my goals on my visit to Columbus last weekend was a trip to Trader Joe's. (I just discovered that we have one in the Cincinnati area, too.) My sister is a regular at TJ's in Columbus, so we planned a raid - er, "shopping trip."

Trader Joe's in Columbus

Festive fall display

Even the mundane dairy/juice section
looked exotic

Jackpot! TJ's beef and chicken
jerky treats for dogs

Here's my complete haul: Chicken Jerky Sticks for the dogs (Chet Baker-approved), lobster bisque, potato and cheese pierogis, spaghetti sauce, mojito mixer, and Trader Joe's famous truffles (to die for!) Yeah, it was NOT a low-calorie kind of day!


Sara said...

Oooo, Trader Joe's ! Isn't it fun to shop there ? I just finished up the last of my TJ stash of goodies for dinner last night (the cheese tortellini), so it's time for a trip to Ann Arbor or Chicago...far but worthwhile, especially for the truffles. Enjoy !

littleorangeguy said...

We pit-stopped in that very same TJ's this summer on the way home to Toronto from TN and KY. Corn tortilla flatbreads, aioli mustard, very good organic fair trade coffee beans, Trade Winds chai tea mix, chocolate pistachio brittle, and the first honest-to-goodness fresh green salad we had seen in two weeks. I would much rather we had gotten TJs in Canada than Whole Paycheque. It is SO worth crossing the border for.

Lisa said...

Ooh, the chocolate pistachio brittle... yum. My favorite is still the coma-inducing cashews coated with toasted coconut... but they haven't had those in a long while. :(

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our nearest TJ's is Indianapolis. A 2 1/2 hr drive from home. So it is a treat to go there for me too.

Mary Ann said...

I am lucky enough to have a TJ's within a few hundred yards of my office and shop there regularly. One thing I notice is everyone is happy at Trader Joe's, it seems to have some kind of healthy energy in there. Of course we have to mention their "two buck Chuck" Wine, which in our market is actually $3.39 per bottle, not half bad. It's pretty decent stuff; plus you get a 10% discount on any case of wine. Whoohoo...what's not to like?

Lisa said...

Mary Ann, I know what you mean - like the woman who said to me in passing, as I stood in front of the vinegars section debating over which balsamic to buy, "that [pointing] is the best balsamic vinegar I've ever had." Even the customers are happy and helpful.