Thursday, November 1, 2007

Highland Livestock

Imagine me with nothing to say.
Enjoy these photos while I think up a story to go with them.

Edit, Nov. 2:
You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize, there really isn't a story to go with these photos. They are just two of many that I took in Scotland. I am proud of the way they came out, especially the cow. It was my primary subject. I shot the ram as an afterthought, but when it, too, came out well, I framed the pair of them as a set.

These were taken with my Pentax K-1000, a basic 35mm film camera with auto-nothing, so that the image that appears is my work, not the camera's. Depth of field, focus, composition - this is photography as it is meant to be. Both were single photos, not like now where I take dozens of pictures and discard 99% of them. Don't get me wrong, I am shooting primarily digital now, and I enjoy the instant gratification and flexibility of the medium, but for me, photos I take with my basic film camera feel more like me and less a result of technology.

If you like sheep, try this for a Scottish traffic jam:


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What handsome creatures. They speak for themselves.

Kathy said...

I agree with Lisa. They are wonderful! The top one reminds me of a big horn sheep. The bottom one looks like a contented cow. Have you come up with a story yet?

holly said...

Hey! There was a small farm in Maine raising that same breed of cattle for awhile. They adapted very well to the cool, wet weather there. The first year they had them, they were ranging all over the meadow and in the woods. I got so excited at first, thinking I'd finally spotted a moose, lol.

I was thinking of you today. I am getting weary of my 1 hour highway commute 2x a day to school and decided to take a back road as we got out early and I had time to kill. I haven't been down that route in years and I'd forgotten how beautiful it is. Runs all along the Delaware Bay, right through the marshes and in some cases, the marsh waters run over into the road (you want to drive very carefully....) Through a couple of very old, scenic towns that haven't been spoiled by developers. But the views of the marshes and Bay...and birds everywhere. I was thinking of you and how much you'd enjoy it, as well as being able to identify them for me! I really needed that drive today, it was wonderful.

KGMom said...

Or, instead of you coming up with a story to go along with the pics, you could challenge the readers to fill in the back story.
Not that I have one, mind. I get the New Yorker mag and every week look at their caption a cartoon feature--I can never come up with snappy captions either.

Susan Gets Native said...

How about:
"Methane. It's what's for dinner."

dguzman said...

Lovin' the sheep! Look at 'em go!