Sunday, December 9, 2007


Saturday was my mom's birthday. She and I, and a friend of hers, went to CarolFest at the famous Music Hall in Cincinnati.

The well-known Cincinnati May Festival Chorus was the main entertainment, but there was also a children's choir, a troop of ballet dancers, and a Baptist church choir performing on this incredible stage.

There was audience participation as we sang along with best-loved Christmas carols. Some of us even danced a little dance called "The Reindeer Twist" along with the children of the Fairview German Language School choir.

Before the show started, I wandered around the lobby and balcony of this beautiful and historic Cincinnati landmark, enjoying the sights and sounds.

The ceiling and chandelier from below:
and looking down from the balcony.

Santa and Mrs. Claus held court in the lobby assisted by a number of young elves.

This is the grand staircase to the balconywhere a group of bellringers were playing.

Frosty and Rudolph roamed about,
greeting the youngest visitors.

Here are two beautiful ladies: My mom on the left and her friend Pat on the right. I teased them that they must have called each other the night before: "What are you wearing?" "How about black slacks and Christmas sweaters?"


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I didn't see you or your Mom or friend on Santa's lap. How will he know what to bring you?? I did look like a good time was had by all. Cheers.

holly said...

Wow, your mom is a beatiful lady! What gorgeous photos, the chandelier, the balcony, the whole schmiel. Sounds like a wonderful day. I missed the opportunity to take my niece to the Nutcracker (I didn't realize it was the first weekend in Dec...rats!) I'm bummed, but next year for sure! She's the only little girl I have to take with me.

Kathy said...

What fun in a beautiful place. Both ladies look lovely in their Christmas sweaters!

Meridian13113 said...

Glad you had a good time at Carolfest!

-- from a member of the May Festival Chorus