Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow

Today was our first measurable snow of the season, two inches on my front deck at 8am, and Cincinnati Weather Hysteria was at a peak. Schools had 2 hour delays or closed altogether, weathermen shrieked at us to beware the "Alberta Clipper," and every TV news department did a piece on snow shovels and ice melters. Brrrrr! How dreadful! What would we do if we lived in Minnesota, where Birdchick is talking about 8 inches, on top of what they already have on the ground? (Reminds me of a joke: "How is a man like a snowstorm?" --- Punchline is R-rated!)

The dogs are always thrilled with the first snowfall. Soon, Grace will begin to complain, and refuse to move off the deck for her "necessary" trips, but for now, she enjoys the changes around her.

Holly always loves to root around in the snow, and when it is deeper, will use her nose as a snowplow, tossing the accumulated snow up in the air.

Today's white stuff didn't stick around too long, changing to rain as I drove into work. Tonight, temps are supposed to be in the mid teens. Brr! Sounds like hot cocoa and a fire is in order.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

mmmm and pass the marshmallows please.

Marvin said...

Hot cocoa and a fire sounds good.

Kathy said...

My dogs love the snow also. They roll in it, and make doggy snow angels. They look so cute when they get snow on their muzzles. We got 5 inches of snow on Sunday, which caused a feeding frenzy at my birdfeeders. I had to go outside and refill the feeders for my assortment of sparrows, finches, red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, stellar jay and quail three times. Then on Monday, the big warm up came and melted the snow into slush. After several days of freezing weather, having a day of 55 degrees seemed out of place. We are now returning to freezing weather, but no snow is forecast for awhile. The Washington and Oregon coasts got hammered with wind and rain, but I'm far inland from all that mess.

Mary said...

Very pretty, Katdoc. Seems most of the country are having their first snowfall.

Watching Grace and Holly looking puzzled and excited reminds me of my Bostons in snow up north. They tunneled their way through until we used a snow blower to carve walking trails in the yard for them. Their almost bald bellies would turn pink and red and I could here Chloe's teeth chatter.

holly said...

We had our first snow yesterday. 3 inches, not a lot by some standards but a lot for DE this time of year. It was so pretty driving to school this morning because every twig and leaf and vine had a highlighted edge of snow. You could see back in the woods clearly.

Lucy is a pansy and just does what she has to do quickly but Libby revels in snow (duh!) She charged me this morning, cut me off and tripped me. Went face first in the snow, nice wakeup call. She roots in the snow, coming up with a silver mask and 'roos' with excitement when anyone puts their coat on. I broke her heart tonight when I picked up 4 coats in rapid succession just trying to restore some order.

Susan Gets Native said...

Nellie rolls, too. And does the snout dig.
Hooper just stands there, completely comfortable in the stuff he was bred to be in. Big goofy snow dog.