Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Treasures

You know, I was not in a very Christmas-y mood this year, and crabbed about doing my shopping, especially for my hard-to-shop-for Mom. Luckily, my family was in The Zone, and did an excellent job selecting gifts for me. (Now, of course, I feel even more guilty for being such a Scrooge.) Here are just a few of them:

Clothes for work, from Mom:

Cords are great for winter at the vet office. Warm, comfortable, and easy to clean if they get messed up.

This sweater, which I love. I can't wear heavy, long-sleeved sweaters under my lab coats, but this one is lightweight and has 3/4 length sleeves, easily pushed up to keep them clean.

Tanks and short-sleeved tops from the sale bin, perfect to put aside for warmer weather. Mom can spot a deal!

PJ's, from Sis: Who doesn't need a flannel nightshirt in winter? And, with footies, too!

Also a sale item, this heart-shaped Pfaltzcraft bowl, from the church bazaar. In my pattern, which is discontinued. I love it when people know you well enough to find something like this.

The entire Planet Earth series on DVD! Whooot! I have seen bits and pieces of this show, but not the whole thing. If you haven't seen it, you must. Check out the bird-of-paradise courtship displays - Awesome! This set also includes some behind the scenes stuff. You can't believe how hard they worked for some of the footage.

Socks, gloves and mittens are tradition in our family.

I like the boxes as much as the gifts that came out of them.

Another one from Mom - subtle hint, Ma?

And all sorts of other things: calenders and a reading lamp to clip onto your book, little gold earrings and an intricately folded paper Christmas garland from a fair-trade market (my socially-conscious sister), a set of sheets and really neat little clip-things that can be used for closing snack bags or hanging up laundry.
(We are a practical bunch of Christmas-ers.) A super haul of goodies, all around.

Oh yes, and, the cherry on top: A surprise phone call on Christmas night, from someone whose voice I was longing to hear. Bonus! (Now, what are you doing New Year's Eve?)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like you hit the jackpot this christmas Scrooge, I mean Katdoc. Tee hee... We also got the Earth DVD's. Can't wait until life slows a bit so we can watch them.

Mary said...

You did GOOD! No one buys me clothing anymore because I usually need to take everything back for different hoo.

The Planet Earth DVD is great and I think the book on menopause would be a good read.