Friday, March 28, 2008

Cavity Nesting Season Has Begun

There are those who say spring returns with the robin's song or the first crocus blooms, while others espouse the woodcock's dance as their guide to the change of seasons. I have even heard of people who propose that February's salamander migrations or March's spring peeper calls are the first harbingers of spring, but as for me, I put my faith in the beginning of the cavity nesting season, specifically, that of the Eastern Bluebird.

I hadn't seen much of my resident bluebird pair this winter, and was a bit worried about them, but on March 1, I saw them inspecting their traditional nesting site, and even observed Papa doing a little wing-waving atop the nest box. Mama brought in the first few blades of grass just before our March 8-9 weekend snow storm, and then I lost sight of them.

This week, the nest seemed complete, but my Wednesday morning inspecting revealed only a soft grassy cup. Apparently, I came by a bit too early, as Thursday afternoon's check showed two perfect blue eggs. Knowing that bluebirds lay an egg each day until the clutch is complete, usually five eggs, I could calculate Day One as March 26.

That beats last year's record of March 27 for earliest first egg by one day (two, if you consider that this is a Leap Year.)

Today, three glowing eggs, future bluebirds, greeted me. Stay warm, little eggs. The world needs more bluebirds.


Lisa said...

Aw, pretty! Hey, would you be willing to share that second pic with me? It might need to become art!

KatDoc said...

You mean it's not art now? Are you implying that some modification of my work is necessary before it may be deemed artistic?

Thanks, sis, for that validation.

~Kathi, tongue firmly in cheek

Mary said...

Good news, Kathie. Please keep us posted on their progress. Yes, the world needs more bluebirds!

Lisa said...


Susan Gets Native said...

Have you seen any TRES yet, Kath? Mine aren't here yet and I'm all in a froth about it.

You and your bluebirds...your are such a show-off.

nina said...

Things are kind of quiet with me, too.
But I did see a phoebe today!

KGMom said...

Oh the world does indeed need more bluebirds.
Can't wait to see the progress of your nestlings this year.

KatDoc said...


No Tree Swallows yet, although I do have a scout ASY (After Second, Year, or adult) male Purple Martin here. He was talking to me and complaining about the gourds not being cleaned and painted last night (April 2.)

Have no fear, the TS will be back soon.