Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pot Party!

Calm down, all you old "stoners" out there - I'm talking about wheel-thrown clay pots, not that other stuff. Recently, I sponsored a staff party at Scarborough Fair, the pottery studio where I take classes, and everybody had a great time. We laughed so much at ourselves, relaxed, forgot about work and just enjoyed being silly together.

Peggy demonstrates making a cylinder.

Most of my shy coworkers didn't want their faces posted on the Internet, but I do have some shots of their hands in clay.

Ready to throw
Opening the form
Pulling the wall
Shaping a bowl
"It's organic!"

And here are their creations:

Leather hard, ready to trim

Bisque fired

We came back another night for the next step, glazing. We had the choice of paint-on glazes,

or dipping our pieces.

Glazed pots await the final firing.

Completed work

Way to go, guys! You are all very artistic!


crazyforcinema said...

Wow, your crew did a great job for beginners. Even their glazing work came out well. I love the blue glaze - what's the name of that one?

Beth in NYC

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wish my Boss would do something fun like this. Everyone did a good job.

KatDoc said...

Beth, that dark, cobalt blue is a dipping glaze called Midnight Blue. I like it, too, and used it on some of my earliest pieces.

Lisa: We do an annual party of some sort for Christmas (this year, it was bowling) but this was extra fun because it was for no particular reason. We are a small shop - 2 vets and 7 staff - so things like this are pretty easy to pull off.

Mary C said...

Way to go! What a great party idea; and it looks like everyone who participated is quite the artist. I know my adult son and daughter have done quite a bit of ceramics, and have always enjoyed their creations. I have several of them here in my home. Maybe some day I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your fun party, Kat Doc!