Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pole Sitter

Looky who showed up in my backyard yesterday morning ...

A Red-shouldered Hawk perched atop the pole for the gourd rack (Purple Martin housing) and surveyed the yard. Most of the feeder birds took her visit in stride, and after studying the scene, she moved along. I have counted RSHA as a Yard Bird for many years, but this is the closest one has come to the house, and the best views I have had.

When I saw a large raptor shape swoop by the bathroom window (my best bird-watching window, as it looks out onto the feeders and the nest boxes) I assume it was a Cooper's Hawk, but as soon as I got a good look, the short tail and stocky Buteo shape were obvious field marks.

There is a Red-shouldered pair courting in the scrubby field and woodlot edge area across the road from me, so I am treated to their sights and sounds nearly every day. This was a bonus.
(See, Susan, I'm learning!)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a handsome bird...and you got a picture too. Good job.

Mary said...

I'd enjoy having a Red Shouldered in my yard! So far, I only have Coopers'. What is like most about RSHA is their voice. I've heard them before I've seen them.

Good photo!

Susan Gets Native said...

It's raptorlicious!