Monday, February 2, 2009

Mockingbird and friends

I love Northern Mockingbirds. I love their voices, with their wide repetoire of songs. I love their colors - gray, black and white, but so sharp and distinctive. And, I love their attitude - Me, Me, Me. Whether displaying over their territory or looking for food, mockers are very possessive. They don't like to share, and I enjoy their antics.

Here are some photos taken Friday thru the window at my office of my resident "work" mockingbird. (I also have a "home" mockingbird.)

Northern Mockingbird, hiding in plain sight
"If I can't see you, then you can't see me."
"I will deign to look at you now."
"Ah, peanuts. I enjoy peanuts.
These are all mine"

Hey, there! Mockingbirds don't eat seeds.

"We don't? Well, it is cold and icy and it has been all week.
I will eat whatever I care to."

"And you can't stop me."
"Mine. All mine."
"I will even perch on this tray and
eat from your tube feeder if I want to."

"Told you it was all mine."

Despite his best efforts, a few other birds made it to the feeders on Friday:

Song Sparrow
House FinchCarolina Chickadee

The Downy Woodpecker, Blue Jay, White-breasted Nuthatch and Tufted Titmouse refused to pose for pictures.


NCmountainwoman said...

You have a "work" mockingbird AND a "home" mockingbird? I don't have one at all. T'aint fair.

Very nice photographs.

Sheltiedoc said...

The first winter I was in my house I had a mockingbird take up residence on my deck in November and not allow ANY other birds into the yard all winter. I was pretty aggravated as I wanted to see more than just ONE bird; we had quite the feud going on where I would go out and chase him off, he would come back, etc...given that I had a job and a life and he had nothing better to do, he won and I finally gave up. I called him Mr Wilson after Dennis the Menace's neighbor because he was so damn possessive of "his" yard. He must have gone on ebird and found a girlfriend, because he finally disappeared and made only the occasional appearance and eventually his reign of terror was over (of course, for some reason when he was gone I actually WORRIED that something had happened to him). Now I see them occasionally but the current one (s?) seem content to share.

Mary said...

I watched one of my resident Mockingbirds wear itself out last spring chasing every bird away from every feeder (10 of them) for weeks on end. Of course, I laughed a lot but I felt the urge to sit that Mocker down and have a talk about sharing.


dguzman said...

The book I'm reading on birdsong says that mockingbirds (and nightingales) never stop learning new songs and snippets. Smart birds!

nina said...

You know, I was wondering about a Robin I saw perched on the tree out in our pasture.
Nowhere near our feeders in the back, which only held offerings of suet and seeds--but what DO they Eat???
(when every berry is under ice!)