Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowy Day, part 2

Yesterday morning, the prediction was for "a dusting to a half an inch" of snow. At lunchtime, they had upped the forecast to "1 to 4 inches." By drive-time, the radio was warning of "4 to 8 inches" of accumulation by midnight.

The drifting snow on the country roads made the last two miles the hardest of my 25 mile commute, and a normal 45 minute trip took me an hour longer. Luckily, the snow was light and fluffy, so I was able to negotiate the drifts in my driveway and blocking my garage door.

This morning, I stepped outdoors to check the thermometer:

What is the temp?
Oh. I thought it felt a bit nippy.

And, how deep is the snow this morning?

"THIS deep, Mom!"

Holly inspects the drifting snow. Lab-certified as safe to drive through.

Deli, waiting impatiently for her morning hay.

"Will you stop taking pictures
and feed me?
In case you hadn't noticed,
it's cold out here!"

"Aren't you done feeding horses yet?
It's time to play!"


NCmountainwoman said...

Sometimes I think Grandpa's joints were better weather predictors.

Lovely snow and wonderful pictures. How nice it must be to feel so needed. Loved the lab test for the snow.

dguzman said...

Brrrrr!!! At least your weatherguys don't go for the big drama, predicting a blizzard and ten inches of snow, only to see a light dusting. I get all excited for a snow day, and then--hmph.

Still--I'm done with this winter business. Bring on the spring!

What a nice farm you have, KatDoc!

Lynne said...

Ditto what Delia said- I'd like a video tour of your farm. Loved the nutty dog video!

donaldthebirder said...

The weather men are not educated to the changes that are taking place relating to climate change. I like this meteorologist's analysis of the event:

Lisa said...

Wow, is THAT what's supposed to happen when you call your dog?

KatDoc said...

Yeah, sis - that is called "Recall."

{{Snark, snark}}


KatDoc said...

Delia and Lynne,

I'll do a farm tour in the spring, when things look a little better.


retriever farm said...

I love the photo of deli waiting for her feed.

CountryDreaming said...

Pretty country out your way. Your horse and dog are just precious. So communicative!