Sunday, March 29, 2009

Countdown to the New River Birding Festival (4)

Birder-Blogger Roll Call - Who's coming to the New River Birding and Nature Festival this year?

The Flock:
Susan W. from Susan Gets Native
Nina of Nature Remains
Hasty Brook's Lynne
Laura, from Somewhere in New Jersey (What's that smell?)
Mary of Mary's View
Sycamore Canyon's Kathie (as in Kathiesbirds)
Wren, aka Jane, from Wrenaissance Reflections
Susan M. of Lake Life
From the Faraway, Nearby - Tim, our token male
the quiet one, Kathy D, also from SW Ohio. You might know her as the commenter "Denapple." Check her out at Life, Birding Photos, and Everything
and Beth, former lurker, Hasty Brook's groupie, and our newest birder-blogger. You can find her at My Life with Birds

Have I forgotten anyone?

Oh yeah, and me.

Trip leaders, expert naturalists, and all-round party people:

Our idol, The Zick herself, Julie Zickefoose! (Better watch out; you'll be mobbed by fans yelling "Blog!") And her side-kick, Chet Baker (It's all about the dog, Jules.)

Her hale, hearty
, handsome, and helpful hubby,
Mr. Bill Thompson, III

from beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio, ODNR's own
Jimmy Mac, Jim McCormac

anticipated, but maybe not coming (Say it ain't so!)
Jeff Gordon

Just 4 more weeks till the beginning of the Festival -
I can't wait!


Lynne said...

Have you started packing yet? I'm hoping I won't have to dip into your supply of Immodium on this trip! I'm bringing along an extra duffle bag that I can check going home. It cost me a fortune in extra weight going home from Cape May plus I had to open my bags at the check in and take out all of those books I bought, and put them in my carry-on back pack. I'm not buying ANY book on this trip!

My word verification is "ferlinta"
Isn't that a kind of pasta?

holly-the-person said...

Ok, this is weird. Your whole 'name the duck' post has disappeared. I refreshed and it's still gone....hmmm.

Sorry I'm not a birder and won't be at NR but I really hope y'all have a lot of fun!

KatDoc said...

Lynne: I have a stack of birding T-shirts laid out on the guest bed, but that is as far as I have gotten so far. Forget the Immodium - bring Dramamine! Those twisty, windy roads gave me BAD motion sickness!

Holly: Post is back up - I was editing it with the answer. Loved your guess, BTW!


holly-the-person said...

I just came back and it's back again - agh! you're messing with my head!!!

Well, I wanted to contribute and all I could do was name the ducks since I couldn't ID them!

denapple said...

My husband Dick is coming too, so Tim won't feel so overwhelmed with femininity.

Mary Ann said...

Man o man, I really wanted to make it this year but it's not to be. Have a wonderful time!!