Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take a rest

A spoon rest, that is. This is a simple pattern that I saw at another potter's studio and figured out how to make on my own. I did 12 before I felt like I had it down pat. The 8 below were all made of white clay.

L: Grape jelly surrounded by yellow - a "custom order" by my sister. This was the first one I made.

R: Forest satin. I disliked the matte
finish, so over-glazed it with a clear coat after this photo.

L: Textured kiwi. I love this color. It will be a gift, along with the matching pitcher.

R: Blue rutile, painted on too thin, leaving this olive green color with hints of brown.

L: A new color for me, "Ironstone," with the rim painted in "Saturation Gold." I am still figuring out what to expect from these glazes.

R: "Textured Navy" and white. I was aiming for that feathered edge.

L: Chun plum. I can always count on this glaze to cooperate.

R: Seaweed and white. I was hoping for more feathering here.

After several problems (the rim of the ironstone rest is not right, the green/white and blue/white ones are too small at 4" diameter, and several of them are warped) I felt like I had worked through most of my troubles. Here are my last four attempts, all on brown clay.

Light green shino
The only spoon rest which cracked.

Sunrise shino
This rim got weak and sagged a bit.

Goldenrod shino
Very reliable and quickly becoming a favorite
Size and shape is perfect

Blue rutile
Finally, the color I wanted!
This one's all mine.


Kyle said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE that textured navy one, Kathi! Do you take custom orders? (As in, can I please buy one with similar finish from you? Purty please?)

KatDoc said...

I can take orders, Kyle, but I'm never sure if what I intend to make will actually turn out as what it starts to be. What's your pleasure - coffee cup? Ash tray? Cat food bowl? Nothing as big as a bread box, I hope!


Beth said...

Love, love, love the textured kiwi and chun plum. Your talents never cease to impress...


Angie said...

Have I ever told you that I LOVE pottery??? And your spoon rests are gorgeous!! Ooooh, that Chun plum and the Kiwi and the Forest satin (I do like the matte finish BTW) and how FUN is that grape jelly and oh the SUnrise!! Oh yeah, girl, I do like your pottery!! :D