Monday, March 30, 2009

Springtime at CNC

I think I walked the same trails at the Cincinnati Nature Center at lunch today that Nina walked this weekend. At least, I found a lot of the same flowers, mostly the non-native spring flowering bulbs that are the legacy of Carl Krippendorf, who owned this property many years ago.

I did find one non-native that Nina didn't report - Anemone or Windflower.

A native plant, Virginia Bluebells are just beginning to bloom.

Another native, Spring Beauties, are emerging, too.

And, best of all, one of the earliest trees to leaf out - the Buckeye, of course!


nina at Nature Remains. said...

We need to get our act together and meet there some time!

Are these taken with the new camera??

Susan Gets Native said...

Those are very clear photos....spill it girl! New camera?
Buckeye looks too much like marijuana. I'm just sayin'.

KatDoc said...

Nina: No, believe it or not, these are with the old point-and-shoot Canon. Perhaps it knows the new camera is coming, and has decided to play nice for a change. I was surprised - I have never gotten such good close-ups before!

Susan: Yeah, I've upgraded to a DSLR - a Canon Rebel. It's coming this week, so I have a month to learn how to work it.

And yes, buckeye leaves do look like marijuana, but how did YOU know that?


NCmountainwoman said...

Love the Virginia Bluebells! Nice wildflower shots.

dguzman said...

Great shots, Kathie. I can't wait for the weekend to see what's blooming here! Your pics give me hope!

And WOW on the camera upgrade! Good luck--I'm sure Julie will help you master it. (again, I cry a little because I won't be there) (sniffle)