Friday, June 19, 2009

Wildacres update (edit June 19)

This was originally posted on Saturday, June 13, from Wildacres, but with words only, no pics. I tried for 3 days to add photos to it, and my tenuous WiFi connection kept conking out at the worst possible time. So, here is the new, improved version, with photos, from my home computer.
The pottery workshop is going well. We are awakened by a bell at 7:30am (except myself, out birding and Michelle, who is out for her morning walk/run) and called to breakfast by a 10 minute warning bell and the actual breakfast bell at 8:00.

the dining hall

We meet at the pottery studio at 9 am and work until lunch. Our instructor, Terry Gess, has scheduled meetings at 10am and 2pm, when he shows slides and does demonstrations.

the studio is down the stairs on the left,
in the lower level of this building

In the afternoon, we work until about 5-5:30pm, and are called to dinner by the 6pm bell. In the evening, most of us work some more. Last night, we had a bonfire in the fire ring at the amphitheater, which was very special since we were the only guests. It was an amazing feeling, having the whole mountain to ourselves.

the amphitheater and fire pit

The birding is going well, though interrupted by all the pottery. No bird photos yet, but hold your horses, I hope to bag some birds. I am gradually moving birds from the "heard only" category to actually seen. Today, I added Hooded and Black-and-white Warbler to my previous Black-throated Green, thanks to my iPod.

Nina, I am drinking the honey mead from Valley Vineyards every night, and looking down. Just wait till you see the pictures I took! And yes, there has been snailing.

More tomorrow ...


NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I have heard about the severe weather you have had there. Hope it hasn't interfered too much with the birding. And I hope you are really enjoying the pottery sessions. Can't wait to see the photographs.

Susan Gets Native said...

Pottery and are living it.

Oh, I can't wait for you to get back...I can get us into "The Pits"...legally!

Mary said...

This was the perfect vacation for you!