Monday, August 27, 2007

Dog Days

After too many long, hot, muggy days, Sunday's weather was great - temps in the low 80's, a nice breeze, and scarcely any humidity to speak of. Residents of the Ohio River Valley know how rare these days can be. We celebrated with a doggy play date with Susan, her girls, and her dogs at Armleder's dog park.

My dogs have never been to a dog park, and so were a bit cautious about venturing too far away at first.

But, they soon began making friends - both canine and human.

Grace with a doggy friend

Grace finds a man to schmooze.
(She loves all men.)

Holly greets Lucy, who decided to sit next to me.
(I had liver treats in my pocket.)

We all had a great time, though Grace didn't know when to stop retrieving tennis balls, and was very stiff and sore Sunday night.

Bring it here, Grace!

Holly & Hooper - aren't they a handsome couple?

Susan, Isabelle and Nellie
(Nellie has just heard cicadas overhead.)
Susan hears them, too.

Isabelle plants a kiss on George's head.

I have a ton of other pictures, but it has taken me two days to upload these, so I will leave with with this "non-dog" photo of a lovely family:


Susan Gets Native said...

Official Inter-Office Memo: You are not allowed to take pictures of my nostrils. Ever again.
And I thought I had dodged the bullet when you didn't get a shot of me picking up Nellie-Poop.
Poor Gracie...take it easy next time, girl. And take some Rimadyl and call me in the morning.

Lynne said...

What a nice picture of the Williams girls! It sure looks like a fun day.

Mary said...

Susan is a HOOT!