Friday, August 3, 2007

"I scream, you scream ...

... We all scream for Ice Cream!"

Officially, July was National Ice Cream Month, but if you ask me, that designator should be saved for August. Hot, sticky, muggy - too hot to go out, too oppressive to do anything. Even if you go swimming, eventually you have to get out of the pool, and then it is too humid to dry off. August is the pits, one of my two least favorite months of the year. The only thing that makes August bearable is ice cream. And, if you live in the Cincinnati area, ice cream equals Graeter's!

Made in small quantities and under the highest of standards since 1870, Graeter's ice cream is one of the three best things about Cincinnati. (Skyline Chili and Rossi's fireworks at Riverfest are the other two.) Their French pot technique results in the smoothest ice cream I have ever tasted and the chocolate "chips" would better be described as "slabs." They are huge and unlike other chocolates, they don't get hard and brittle when cold, but stay soft, melt-in-your-mouth, and luscious.

This week, a client wrote me a nice "Thank You" note for our care of her cat, and enclosed a gift certificate for Graeter's, so we had an ice cream party at work.

I chose 5 flavors, plus two Chip Wheelies, to share among the staff. What's a Chip Wheelie, you ask?

Only the finest ice cream sandwich you've ever had! Soft chocolate chip cookies, filled with chocolate chip ice cream and coated with chocolate "jimmies" around the edge, each one lovingly made by hand. Once you've had one, you'll never be satisfied with a commercial ice cream sandwich again.

The ice cream party was a big success, and we have enough left-overs for the Saturday crew to party on as well. Coincidently, I work both days. When I plan an ice cream party, I take the schedule into account!

Graeter's Cookies and Cream

Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip

Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip

Yum, yum!

PS: If you would ever like to thank your veterinarian and the techs, assistants, and other staff, try food, especially sweets. Every vet hospital I have ever worked at is filled with sugar-junkies! Homemade cookies are the best, but donuts, ice cream and candy is also appreciated.


KGMom said...

Now this is a really bad thing for me to read--especially those pics at the end--yum. Everything looks luscious.
I have discovered Edies Slow Churned No Sugar icecream--it has a low carb level, so that's my summer treat.

Susan Gets Native said...

Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite.
I wish I didn't like ice cream so much.

nina said...

Mmmmmmmm. Black-raspberry chip, please. Two scoops.

Lisa said...

OOooooookay, who are you, and what have you done with my real sister? You don't eat Skyline. Do you?

KatDoc said...

Yup, I do. See, you don't REALLY know everything about me, do you?

~Kathi, the goddess of mystery

Anonymous said...

We lived in Cincinnati for 3 years while my husband did his residency at UC Medical Center. One of fondest memories on our limited budget was a trip to Graeters. You brought back so many wonderful memories. Thanks.