Friday, August 31, 2007


Fair warning: We are entering that time of the year when KatDoc goes a little crazy. That's right, sports fans, it's College Football Season! Hang on, Sloopy, as we march Across the Field to the Buckeye Battle Cry and celebrate our victories to the tune of Carmen, Ohio, all performed by the BDBITL. (That's the Best Damn Band in the Land to you.)

First game of the season is at home against Youngstown State, Sat., Sept. 1 at noon.



KGMom said...

OK--Katdoc--it's come to this. We are season ticket holders for the Penn State games! Have been for about 25 years!
So I will cheer for the Buckeyes, maybe you can cheer for the Nittany Lions--and on October 27 we will cheer for our own teams.

KatDoc said...

You are forgiven for being a Penn State fan - I can forgive anyone their loyalty to any team, except That State Up North. I have a long-standing admiration for Joe-Pa and his boys (What other senior citizen can take a hit and come back to the game like Paterno did last year?) I do have certain "issues" with PSU being the 11th team in the Big Ten, but until Oct. 27, we can still be friends.

Of course you know my two favorites teams are always, 1) THE Ohio State University Buckeyes and 2) Whoever is playing Michigan this week. That makes the boys of tiny Appalachian State, from Boone, North Carolina, my heroes, defeating the dreaded Wolverines of Michigan 34-32.

KGMom said...

I know, I know--it is goofy that the Big 10 is really 11 (do you see the 1 hidden in the BIG TEN logo?).
Maybe another school could drop out, as U, of Chicago did years ago.
Until Oct. 27. . .

nina said...

My daughter marched in TBDBITL for four years--that sound immediately takes me back to the roar of the stadium and a crisp fall day.

Kathy said...

I'll cheer for your OSU team, except for this weekend when they play Washington. I'm a loyal Husky fan, except when they play the Washington State Cougars. Then it is a tossup, with me cheering for the team that has the best chance of being in a bowl game. When they play the "apple cup" game, it is a real dog and cat fight, with the winner always in doubt regardless of their season records. Go Huskies on Saturday!