Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Funnies

There is a quirky little auto repair shop in Newtown that always makes me smile.

Village Quick Lube, SR 32, Newtown, OH

Aside from their funky decorations, like old highway signs

and a car's front end on the roof,
they have the funniest things on their sign.

Instead of advertising this week's oil change and lube special, they post jokes, quips, and humorous comments on the times. Here are this week's offerings:

west bound

east bound

Happy weekend!


Lynne said...

You have to appreciate someone who makes the extra effort to be more that ordinary. That's a neat place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing what is unfortunately becoming so rare. How I long for the locally owned businesses. I used to have a mechanic. Now I have a big dealer with computers and little sense of customer service.

Thank goodness a few of the wonderful local owners survive. I'll drive miles past the big box places to patronize the little guy and keep him in business.

Mary said...

I'd look forward to passing by this place every day. It's great they share smiles!