Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OOS Goes to Lake Erie

The Ohio Ornithological Society recently held a weekend symposium on warblers along the western shores of Lake Erie. As usual, I got almost NO pictures of birds, but I did get some photos of birders.

Bill Thompson III, aka Bill of the Birds, points out a small warbler (or a large mosquito) at the Marblehead Lighthouse. Notice his fellow birder studiously looking in the opposite direction.

Conference participants had lunch in the school's multi-purpose room, where signs exhorted us to "Follow Directions" and "Be Kind, Courteous, and Respectful." (We did, and we were.)

Birders are adept at catching 40 winks in any convenient spot.

The Sunday morning birding trip to Metzger Marsh produced more birds in the parking lot than anywhere else. Parking lots always seem to be very birdy. Sometimes, I wonder why we ever leave them.

Hugh Rose (left) considers leaving the parking lot in pursuit of birds ...

... while his wife, Judy Kolo-Rose, practices her "There it is!" pose. A major part of being a good trip leader is the ability to point at a spot in a tree and declare "Blackburnian Warbler" with such an air of authority that half of your group comes running. When they arrive, you smugly announce, "It flew." Karen rates Judy's talents: 8.6 (must be the East German judge.) Better luck next time, Judy!

"Ohio Young Birder" Ethan Kistler, contemplates life after the World Series of Birding. Don't be fooled, the emphasis here is on "birder," not "young." These kids are GOOD!

Kenn Kaufman at Magee Marsh (and Ethan's back.) I know I showed this picture before, but I'm geeked out. C'mon, it's freakin' KENN KAUFMAN, people!

It is illegal to leave the Lakeside/Marblehead area without at least one photograph of the Marblehead Lighthouse. I think it is also against the law to conclude a blog entry on this area without posting said photo. Birders are law-abiding citizens, so here's your obligatory lighthouse-at-dawn shot.

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