Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Round Hay Bale Joke

If you read the comments section on Bill of the Birds' blog for Sept. 14, written by Jim McCormac as guest blogger du jour, you saw a reference to the "Round Hay Bale Joke." Lynne wanted in on the joke, but Mac said he couldn't tell it without props. Well, I have visual aids and (unfortunately) I know the joke. So, for Lynne, and anyone else who like their jokes on the corny side, here is the infamous "Round Hay Bale" joke.

It works best if you are driving through the country side and happen to pass a field where the farmer has recently put up his hay, in these large, rounded bales.

"So," you say, "have you heard that the state of Ohio (fill in your state) has outlawed round hay bales?"

Your victim expresses some degree of surprise, or, ideally, asks why.

You: "They want to be sure the cattle are getting a square meal."

I told you it was bad.


Susan Gets Native said...

That joke really stinks.

Sara said...

Thank you (I think) for letting the rest of us uninitiated in on the joke. I was curious.

Kathy said...

I have written this joke down, and will spring it on others when they are least expecting it. I'm sure they will groan. Thank you!

Lynne said...

Hardy-har-har! Thanks for sharing. I love a corny joke!

KGMom said...

Well, at least it was worth a chuckle.