Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pottery Update

It's official. I am definitely going to be a potter when I retire from veterinary medicine. I would like to practice another 15 years, so I figure that gives me plenty of time to improve my pottery skills. And boy, do I need improvement.

Here are the rest of the pieces I completed in my first 6 week class:

A "matched set" of mugs. They are all the same color (Paprika and Sea Foam Green,) but certainly not the same size or shape!

This was the first bowl I threw. It happened by accident when I was practicing one day. I love the Midnight Blue glaze, but am sorry I added the Ocean Wave Runner details. This additional glaze has no color of its own, but is supposed to change the chemistry of the primary glaze, adding interesting streaks and colors. It didn't really do too much here.

This is the second bowl I threw, when we were actually learning how to throw bowls. It came out pretty well, I think. The Wave Runner worked nicely with the Sea Foam, adding interesting dark streaks to the lighter base color. I gave it to my Mommy for Christmas.

This is the third bowl I threw, but the first one where I tried to apply the Runner glaze, over Burgundy this time. Whoa! Way too much, Kat! Oh well, live and learn. Guess I will keep this one for myself.

My "lidded vessel." I had a lot of problems with this piece throughout the work, so why should the glazing be any different? I left the lid on while it was undergoing the final firing and the excess glaze ran down in between the lid and the pot, effectively bonding the two parts together. We finally got them apart, but I still have more work to do to salvage it.

Tonight, I threw three new pieces, the largest ones I have made so far. I really felt like I was getting the feel of the clay tonight.

I got some new clay. I used up the last of my first 25 lb block of clay, which was white, on two of the pots I threw tonight. I decided to try the brown clay next. It has a different look and feel from what I am used to using. I threw one pot with it tonight, and so far, I like it. More later!


Anonymous said...

You are making me want to try pottery! Wow! Very, very cool!

Marvin said...

Nice work. Keep on throwing.

nina said...

Those are turning (get it?) out very nicely!

How about making one that could be large and low--like a bird bath?
Seriously....I've always loved artful objects inserted into the natural landscape.

Glad you've found a pretty way to spend gloomy gray SW Ohio winter days!

holly said...

I am just so in awe! Yet another hidden talent. You've come quite a ways in a short time.

I think about retirement too, although being self employed, it's a loooong way off. I'd like to volunteer (did I tell you Ethan and I are going to start volunteering at the SPCA when I'm done school?), and I think I'd like to learn how to spin wool and make blankets, akin with your pottery. I'm wondering if I need to keep sheep or if I can find wool or someone who has sheep to barter with or buy from....? Always been fascinated with spinning wheels and looms and when I have a free bedroom.....:) Although I will probably do massage as long as I can, just cutting back on the hours.

Two more weeks of school....YES!

KatDoc said...

Nina: Large and low is hard. I was asking one of the experienced potters about plates, and she laughed at me. Apparently, plates are one of the hardest things to do. Who knew? Maybe someday I will be able to do a bird bath.

Holly: You don't have to keep sheep to spin. You can get raw wool, etc. to work. My boss has alpacas, and is learning to spin their fiber. Spme people even spin dog hair! (ugh)


Mary said...

Kathi, I think you really have a knack for pottery. Except for that blue bowl (ahem!), you are making progress. LOL!

It's difficult to make a masterpiece, isn't it? I've tried :o/

Susan Gets Native said...

If it makes you feel any better, Kathi, the girls LOVE your pottery.
They especially dug the blue/white streaky one and the red/white one.

holly said...

Dog hair! Yes! Finally a use for something I sweep up daily and throw away! Bah, who needs sheep?

Anyone up for a Libby scarf?