Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Brown Bird

Here's somebody I'm missing from my yard - a Carolina Wren. Last winter, I had two regular visitors to my feeding stations. They loved the suet dough, served either on this hanging platform feeder or in bluebird feeder, enclosed with Plexiglas on the two long sides and with round entry holes on the ends. There, I kept suet dough and mealworms for the bluebirds, and the Carolina Wrens quickly caught on to the special treats to be found inside. I could always count on them to arrive the minute I stepped back inside after putting out the good stuff.

They were doing great, until a late cold snap came along, and I never saw them again. Both Eastern Bluebirds and Carolina Wrens seem to experience rises and falls in their numbers here in SW Ohio. After several mild winters, the populations rise, then we have a bad winter and they suffer a massive die off. I'm afraid last year's birds succumbed, and so far, a new pair has yet to move in. I really miss them, too. They sing most of the year, and they always liven up a winter walk in the woods.

"Calling all Carolina Wrens: KatDoc is serving up the 'dough again. If you come by, she'll even toss in some nice protein snacks, to go with the fatty ones." [I hope they hear me.]

. . .

Word of the Day - Dingle

A dingle is a deep, narrow, wooded valley, also known as a dell. Origin unknown. Not to be confused with "dingleberry," a term we used in vet school for the stuff clinging to the back end of a sheep or goat.


donaldthebirder said...

I have a couple of wrens around. I have been seeing and hearing wrens. I think the bluebirds have been hit harder - recent CBC numbers support this.

Kathy said...

I hope your wrens will come visit your feeders soon. I never seen any wrens in my yard. When I was at the store yesterday I got all the ingredients for suet dough. I've always gotten the premade suet cakes. I hope to intice woodpeckers to come eat it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love wrens. They are busy sassy little birds. I am sure they will be back when they discover your suet. Our CAWR have also made themselves scarce this winter. I always wonder where they go. We have the same foods out and there is plenty of it. They sometimes roost and then nest in our window box. No sign of them for awhile.

Mary said...

I hope you see many of them soon. They do brighten my view out back. Love those Carolina Wrens!