Thursday, January 31, 2008

What the Hell is This?

I got stuck behind this thing yesterday morning, on a narrow, winding, country road with no passing places.

It was moving slower than molasses, and of course, every time it had an opportunity to turn, it went the same way I was going.

Oh my God - now there are two of them!
Could we GO any slower?
No, no, no - Don't turn that way!
What IS this thing, any way?


KGMom said...

It looks like a really big tire. Was it?

Kathy said...

A chocolate covered donut for the Jolly Green Giant?

nina said...

No, Kathy, those are the ring bearers for the Jolly Green giant's wedding. If you looked around you could probably find the rest of the attendants.
Kathi--I hope you know not to blow you horn in solemn ceremonies like weddings?

Mary said...

I can only laugh :o)

Lisa said...

Oh, great - now she's progressed from Birding While Driving to BLOGGING While Driving.

Remind me not to get in the car with you any more.

KatDoc said...

KGMom: I thought it was a tire at first, but when I got closer, I realized it was metal.

Giant donuts or wedding rings are both good guesses, and no, I didn't honk. (I might have cursed.)

I still don't know what those darned things were.

Lisa, we were going so slowly, I had to take pictures. Even you wouldn't have been afraid. PS: This is not my first attempt at blogging while driving. I have two other posts out there with photos taken from the car. Don't tell the cops!