Saturday, June 2, 2007

Look What I Found!

Look at this - a baby American Toad!

I usually find toads in my yard once or twice a year, and in the spring, I hear them singing at my pond. But, I don't recall seeing one this small. Before starting a blog, I would have admired him and moved on. But, with a daily blog to write - Photo Op! I had to grab him and shoot his picture.
Photographing toads is hard - if you put them in a shallow container, they jump out. If you put them in a deep bucket, it makes for a lousy picture. If you hold them on your hand, they freeze for a moment, just long enough for your camera to focus, then they hop away before you get the shot.

You have to hold one of their legs in a firm grip between your fingers and shoot one-handed.

"I don't care if you find me Blog-worthy. Just let me go!"

"I will puff myself up to frighten you."

"Oh, I can't believe I ate so many bugs." (urp!)


Jayne said...


Lynne said...

You've got to love a tubby toad baby.

NatureWoman said...

Oh Katdoc, it's so cute! Good tip for holding on to it! I love your words with your photos, LOL!

Susan Gets Native said...

Awww. Toads are so cute.
When I enlarged the photos, I noticed a bit of black hair on his mouth. Is that from Gracie or Holly, or maybe he thought a beard would be a good idea?

KatDoc said...

Yeah, Susan - trust your sharp eyes. You caught me. The dog hair is from one of the many jumps out of my hand or the bowl, landing on the floor and getting all dog-hairy. I rinsed him off once.

Haven't you ever heard of "the hair of the frog that bit you?"

~Kathi the sheepish one

Holly said...

We have a pic of E holding a..froglet? A humongous something anyway, frog on front, small frog legs on back and a big tail still. My cousin's littlest ones captured some major frogs on the golf course and let them go in the lake (in Maine). The next summer, cabin owners on the lake were commenting to each other that in all these years, there'd never been frogs...where did they come from...? Quite a topic of conversation that summer. We only found out because my great aunt confessed that it was her great grandkids that originally had the frogs....we kept the secret, lol. Rascal used to have a ball chasing them in the water.

Mary said...

Thanks for the giggles, Katdoc.