Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whose nest is this?

Images from my collection of photos of bird nests with eggs. See how many you can identify.

A: Eastern Bluebird

B: Canada Goose

C: Purple Martin

D: Killdeer

E: Tree Swallow

F: Red-winged Blackbird

G: House Wren

H: Song Sparrow


nina said...

Is this a team sport?
I'll take a swing..."A" is a bluebird's?

KGMom said...

I don't know my eggs but I think A is ROBIN.

Mary said...

Novice here...I agree with kgmom - Robin.

Susan Gets Native said...

Let's see:
A. Bluebirds
B. Canada goose
C. Purple martins
D. Killdeer
E. Tree swallows
F. Red-winged blackbirds?
G. House wrens or carolina wrens
H. Song sparrows?

nina said...

Hmmmm. Everybody must be out enjoying the air this weekend--I thought more would jump on this.
I was going to guess Cardinal for H?

KatDoc said...

This must have been harder than I thought it would be. Maybe it is just because I am so used to poking my nose into every nest I can find.

All of these nests, except B, the Canada Goose, were found here in my yard. I have added the captions and, where available, photos of the newly-hatched young.