Monday, June 4, 2007

This one's for Jilly-Bean

Alert readers might have noticed a comment on my "T-shirt intro" post from a lurker going by the handle "Beans." I can now reveal that person to be Jill "Jilly-Beans" G., a dear old friend from college. She and I attended Heidelberg College, in Tiffin, Ohio, in a decade that shall remain a state secret. Heidelberg was affectionately known as "The 'Berg," and her students were, of course, "'Bergers."

Beans accused me of not having a Heidelberg T-shirt. Well, Jill, I got you. I actually have two. One has a big bleach mark on the front, and this one has holes, but I still have 'em. (Truth time: They are not original, but are ones I picked up when I was back for some reunion or other.)

Heidelberg's colors are red, orange, and black. I like the "no-orange" look, personally.

So, there you go, Jill. Now, here's a question for you: Do you still have your freshman beanie?
"Dink, frosh, dink"


Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, come on.

*thanking my lucky stars that I went to a community college and didn't have to wear a beanie*

I think it's official, folks.

Isn't it fun, Kathi? But you are a cheat. You have a read-made audience. Most of us had to talk to ourselves for a year or so before people started reading ours.
: )

Susan Gets Native said...

I meant "Ready-made".