Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nesting Update, June 10

A quick update post while I work on a longer one. (Uploading pictures with dial-up is S-O-O-O SL-O-O-O-W)

The Purple Martins are up to 49 eggs. I have 2 nests with 6 eggs, 4 nests with 5 eggs, and 4 nests with 4 eggs each. For those of you good at math, that makes 48 eggs in 10 nests. The 49th egg is in Gourd #11, belonging to [Da-DAH!] Lonely Guy! It seems that the former Lonely Guy bachelor has gotten a girl, unbeknownst to me. Either that, or someone has dumped an egg in his nest. I will watch closely for the next few evenings to see if I can see two birds entering that gourd to spend the night together, but the real test will be next Thursday, when I do my next scheduled nest check. If there are more eggs, I will be certain.

There is still at least one, probably more, Tree Swallow babies in that gourd. I can hear them as I walk or mow nearby, but I'm not getting too close. Don't want to cause premature fledging.

There are now eggs in the House Wren nest in a small box by the pond. When Susan and her girls visited, May 26, there was just a stick nest, but now it is lined with softer material and has two tiny brown eggs.

The Eastern Bluebird gang of 6 is one week old today. See how fast they grow! I can only open the box to check on them for five more days, then it's hands-off.
Count the wings and divide by 2.


Mary said...

Congratulations, Katdoc. Your contribution and enthusiasm for the "bewds" is wonderful. I love checking in to see what's growing around you.

KGMom said...

Love those little baby birds--they look so helpless. And so cute.
Count the wings indeed!

Susan Gets Native said... are a baby-bird-factory.

We have had the 5 wrens, and a few odds and ends, are rivaling Julie. Good grief.
But I am happy for you. A lot of work, to be a bird landlord. And it is totally paying off.

Jayne said...

WOW... so many beeebies!! Look at those sweet, sweet fuzzy heads!

Lynne said...

Six babies in the picture? I haven't seen purple martins since I was a kid. Glad they're doing well there.