Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This is my thumb after a cat bite today. As bites go, it wasn't too bad, but this is a particularly tender place to get bitten, and it aches. Also, I can't seem to get it to stop bleeding. I have bled through 5 Band-Aids today.

It wasn't the cat's fault. She is a very sweet kitty. She was just waking up from anesthesia and wasn't herself. Just one of the perks of my job.



Mary said...

Over the years with many visits to the veterinarian's office, I have wondered how many times there have been bites, scratches, etc. Nail clipping, large breeds, neurotic dogs and cats... You all deserve a major award for bravery.

Susan Gets Native said...

I think you need to talk about just how BAD a cat bite can be...with the infection and sepsis and all that.

Lynne said...

My Mom was bitten years ago in the fleshy part at the base of her thumb. Overnight her hand swelled unblievably. That was the kitty's first day home after being adopted from our local Humane Society and she grew to be my Mom's favorite cat of all. Wicked bite though.

Mary Ann said...

I agree, I think the vet's life is a dangerous one! My alpha male cat, Havoc, is about 22 lbs and sweet as can be. He takes care of his harem of 4 "sisters" and always plays with the new kittens as gentle as can be. He's our big baby. Until his annual vet checkup...he's horrible! It's the only time he lives up to his name. Hissing and snapping and carrying on like a rabid maniac at our patient and wonderful vet. I always feel terrible, but good old Dr. Lange takes it in stride. Hats off to you guys!