Friday, October 19, 2007

Indigo Hill

ridge top view from the road

One of the highlights of my week in southeastern Ohio was a stopover at a little piece of Heaven called Indigo Hill. The Zickefoose-Thompson clan was gracious enough to invite me to visit them, and a good time was had by all. I birded with Bill from the tower, took a walk in the meadow with Chet Baker, picked cherry tomatoes with Julie, listened to the Orangutangs Swing at rehearsal, watched Phoebe play Frisbee, and helped Liam with his math homework.

"Kathi, can you write in cursive?"
"Yes, Liam, I think I could do that."

"Well, could you write 'Julie Zickefoose' on the top of my math paper?"

"Oh, no, Liam, we had better ask your mother to sign your homework."

Indigo Hill in the morning

and at dusk

Chet was his most gracious self during daylight hours, escorting me around the property, and tolerating my attempts to fit him with both an Easy Walk harness (too small) and a Gentle Leader head halter (too insulting). In the end, we did some heeling training with a leather leash, a flat collar, and high value training treats. Don't let his mether fool you - Chet heels beautifully, without a hint of pulling. Of course, there were no cows, bennehs, or other dogs to chase and sniff, either. And, he did have an excellent trainer at the other end of the leash!

"C'mon, KatDoc. There are smells to be smelt
and bennehs that need chaseded."

After dark, though, the Gremlin came out. I was too terrified by the Evil One to attempt to take photos during the actual event. Trust me, you would have been, too. Somewhere out there is a pink Beanie teddy bear who is probably in therapy as we speak.

"Ah'm the Gremlin, come to git yer gold!"

meadow view from the tower

Bill, Julie & I did some preliminary scouting for the Big Sit, which would be a week later. BT3 is spooky. He said, "This would be a good day for Red-headed Woodpeckers," and not long afterwards, a juvenile flew by. Later, we spotted an adult. Who else can pull birds down from the sky for you but Bill of the Birds?

Evidence of other woodpecker species:
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker holes from a previous winter.

And these much larger Pileated Woodpeceker holes.

I got to listen to an actual rehearsal of The Swinging Orangutangs. This was a special treat, especially since I couldn't stay for the show the next night. I never had the chance to hear a rock band work up their songs before, and it was pretty neat.

Nice legs, boys!
"The girl singer is pretty good,
but I disapprove of this big drum kit."

Thank you, Julie, Bill, Phoebe, and Liam, for opening your home to me and making me feel so welcomed in it.

An extra big "Thanks!" and sloppy kisses to Chet Baker, for choosing to sit on my lap and lick my nose during rehearsal. Don't tell Mether, but you are the only reason I came to visit.

It IS all about the dog!


Lynne said...

Lucky, lucky you! It sounds like a wonderful day spent with friends. Now I have to scroll back and check out the results of Toxicology Tuesday.

KGMom said...

Wonderful--Katdoc is now giving us Chet Baker fans our fixes!

holly said...

What an awesome home! I am so envious. And I love Chet's running commentary!

Susan Gets Native said...

At last! Thanks for the Chet/JZ/BT3/Phoebs/Liam fix.

Mary said...


What a wonderful weekend, lucky lady! It would have been a real treat to see you work with the famous Chet Baker who I think is a real gentleman.

The BOTB/ZICK place and whole family rocks. Awesome people. I'm glad you were invited and shared your weekend.

holly said...

Hey, Robbie and I were looking the pics again and wondering. Was the house something else at one point?

KatDoc said...

I don't think so, Holly. Maybe Julie will pop over to explain more fully. I do know that the tall structure is the birding tower that Bill designed and had added on to the rest of the house, but I'm not sure what other remodeling has taken place.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Chet is one lucky doggeh having friends that are vetsthat make house calls.

KatDoc said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Chet didn't think he was too lucky, since he got his toenails trimmed. (Poor, poor doggie!)


Julie Zickefoose said...

Yes, it is all about Bacon. We know that and do our best to curry favor with our guests nevertheless.

Although our house looks like a vintage 1978 raised ranch to which the Queen Mary has docked, it has never been anything other than a house. It started out as a cinder block pig barn, believe it or not, and then the people building it thought, well, it has a pretty nice view, maybe we'll not give it over to the pigs. So they finished it, rather shoddily, as a house. We rewired and renovated it and in 1999 we added the tower addition, our own little fillip on the luxury pig barn.
Thanks for this nice post, Kathi! and for the complementary toenail trim for Snarls. He has me bamboozled where toenails are concerned. Baker wants to know if you miss his kisses.