Saturday, October 6, 2007

The New Albany Classic, A Family Day

Sunday, September 30 found me in Columbus, visiting with my sister as we attended the 10th anniversary of the New Albany Classic, a horse jumping contest of international caliber. This was our fifth consecutive year to attend, and it was just as great as ever. Of course, I go to see the amazing jumping, but this event also benefits the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence, and has raised millions of dollars to support that cause. Abigail Wexner is the founder and driving force behind the Classic, and the show grounds are part of the Wexner's estate. (You probably know at least one of Les Wexner's Limited Brands, including Bath & Body Works, White Barn Candles, and Victoria's Secret.)

The complete name is the "New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix and Family Day." While quite a mouthful, this name describes the total day, which is not just devoted to horse jumping. In fact, this year, I discovered that some people spend all day at this event and don't even watch the jumping.

There are carnival rides, a petting zoo,

teen bands and kiddie entertainment,

and booths with face painting, kid crafts, humane organizations,
carriage rides,

and horses to pet.

Did I say there was something for everyone?
Yum! Men in skirts!

More about this day next time.


Anonymous said...

We're so glad you are back. We missed you, and I was disappointed every morning when the "hiatus" blog was still there. Yes, I know you warned us, but I couldn't help checking anyway.

My morning coffee will be all the better now. Thanks for getting back so soon after your return from vacation.

Did you have the hot, hot weather to contend with?

Susan Gets Native said...

I don't know which is my favorite...the horses or the men in their jaunty kilts!