Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby bluebirds grow so quickly

I hope you are enjoying watching my baby bluebirds grow.

Here they are at 5 days old

and 6 days old.

And here they are today, 7 days old.

The feather tracts are becoming obvious

and the primaries are erupting along the wing.


Susan Gets Native said...

Sweet enough for crackers, huh?
: )

ncmountainwoman said...

Oh, yes! We are very much enjoying watching the babies grow. Thank you for sharing with us.

Mary said...

I do love watching your baby bluebirds grow! I hope to be able to show some grow, too. Not from home, but from the college campus.

Mary C said...

Amazing! They definitely are growing quite fast. I look forward to more photos before they fledge. Thanks for sharing.