Sunday, April 27, 2008

Redbuds and Apple Trees

Blooming trees in my yard this week:

I love the redbuds that are native in this part of Ohio. I don't remember them from my childhood in the southeastern part of the state.

One of four apple trees. Last year's hard frost came just as they began to bloom, and I lost nearly my whole apple crop. This year, they are blooming like crazy.

Bluebirds are close to fledging; I saw one poking its bill out of the nest box as I walked by today. Earliest anticipated fledging is 16 days; I usually see fledging at 18 to 20 days, which puts predicted fledge date at April 30 to May 2. In answer to Mary's question, I won't see the fledglings around for the first two weeks or so, but after that, I anticipate seeing them in the yard, with their speckled breasts, following Dad around and begging for food. Here's hoping I can catch a photo or two for you.

Returning migrants this week include Eastern Kingbird and Ruby-throated Hummingbird, both on Friday.


ncmountainwoman said...

Lovely spring photos. Last year's "Easter freeze" killed almost all of the apple blossoms, and many of the trees here in western NC. This year they are massively blooming with a "popcorn or snowball" effect. For apple farmers, this mean a lot of hands-on work, removing many of the blossoms in order to have larger apples. So, we will have apples this year, but they will be pricey.

We're looking forward to pictures of the fledglings.

nina said...

My hummer is back, too.
I could almost predict his arrival--the progression of blooms must give them a guide for their journey north.
And, from the look of your yard, straight to your door!

Mary C said...

Thanks, Kat Doc, for answering my question. I hope you can get a photo or two of them in a few weeks.

Mary C said...

Ooops! Forgot to mention how beautiful your trees look. Here's hoping to a great apple harvest. Fruit tree blossoms are always the prettiest in the spring. Of course, ours bloomed way back in February and March.

KGMom said...

Lovely trees. More than usual, I have noticed the flowering trees this year> It seems they are more resplendent that I recall.
Can't wait for bluebirds to fledge and you to photograph them!