Saturday, April 12, 2008

Latest Creations

I haven't updated you on my pottery habit recently. Here are some of the newest things out of the kiln.

While attempting to make a mixing bowl one day, the clay got out of control and this pot made itself. As I trimmed it, I cut through the bottom accidentally once, then deliberately 3 more times. Here is the result - a planter!

This piece is made of brown clay, with a clear glaze. The speckled pattern is due to the grog (grit) in the clay.

After the struggles I had making a mixing bowl, I decided to back-track and work on some basic techniques. These simple cylinders were created while improving my skills in pulling the wall, compressing the sides and bottom, and working on balance and symmetry. First, two short cylinders,
each about 3 inches wide by 2 inches high.

Morty's green, a dipping glaze, on white clay,
with ocean runner for the streaks

Taller cylinders followed, as I improved. The one on the left is 4" wide by 3" high, the one on the right is 3 1/2" by 3 3/4" high.

White clay dipped in paprika glaze

One of Rachel's standing assignments is to make a matched set of something. Most of us do mugs, and here is my set of four:

The glaze is my favorite, blue rutile. It is one glaze that I think looks good on both brown and white clay (these mugs are white) and I love the subtle variations in the colors in each piece.

The detail on the handles is from a rubber stamp of cat footprints that I rolled along the wet clay before attaching the handles to the mugs.

How do you make a set of four things? You make at least five, to allow for mistakes. The handle broke off this mug after bisque firing. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Another "salsa bowl!"

I am currently in my third consecutive class at Scarborough Fair Pottery. Everybody in this session has had at least one class previously, no "newbies," so we are all learning new skills. Rachel had us review wedging and making cylinders, then we made bowls the first night.

I like the shape and size of mine, but I am still leaving too much clay at the bottom. My pieces tend to be rather heavy. The glazes here are the same bamboo and butternut combination I used on another bowl, but I don't like it on white clay as much as the brown.

Our next projects were a wide shallow bowl, a plate, and a "narrow-neck" piece. I'll show you those later. Next week, Rachel has threatened to show us teapots. I would love to make one, but it combines several of my most dreaded techniques - handles, narrow neck and a lid. Gulp!

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KGMom said...

I love the mugs, and just think the cat paw print on handle detail is so clever.
I have been enjoying your potting series.