Monday, April 14, 2008

Just for Julie

Here's a post with Julie Zickefoose in mind. Everyone else can look, but don't touch.

My Mom and I visited my sister in Columbus last Sunday, for her birthday. Because it was a yucky, cold, rainy day, I couldn't convince anyone to go for a nature walk with me, not even to see the Great Horned Owl babies at Green Lawn Cemetery. Instead, we went to the Franklin Park Conservatory, ostensibly for the butterfly exhibit. Alas and alack, all my butterfly pictures suck majorly. (Piece of crap "macro" function on my point-and-shoot camera --- Grrrr!!) When I sorted through my photos, I found a sort of theme: Things that Julie likes.

Random orchids. Don't even ask me their names, I couldn't begin to guess. I was just glad I knew they were orchids.

This one isn't real; it is a statue in the lobby. Still cool though, huh?

Gratuitous bonsais. They were in "cold storage," and were just getting ready to go back on display.

Birds. A pair of blue and gold macaws, shredding their bamboo "fence" (as well as newspaper and anything else they could get their beaks on)

And lories. You could go into the cage and feed them their nectar for $1.00 a cup. I just snuck in for some photos, which aren't the best, but you get the idea.

And, after the conservatory, we took a trip to Easton shopping center. Julie, I wish you had been there. You would have loved our day!

(Now, I suppose Julie will "chimp" all over this post, saying my orchids aren't really orchids but some close cousin, or that my lories are really lorikeets, or perhaps she will tell us the gender of the macaws, based on arcane feather-wear patterns. That's OK; this post is a gift, and it's hers to enjoy any way she chooses.)


Julie Zickefoose said...

Gift opened, squee'd over, and received! No chimping here, other than to say the big strappy orchids are cymbidiums, and the round-flowered one is a phalaenopsis (I can't help myself) and those ARE lories. And to tell a little story about those gorgeous, well-loved blue-and-yellow macaws. The female, Mick (and no, I can't tell which one she is from the picture) was STOLEN a couple of years ago by some creeps who crawled in a transom window. Everyone at FPC was heartbroken. And someone spotted her that summer, on a porch in Columbus, tied BY HER NECK to the railing, and alerted FPC, and they got her back and returned her to her grieving mate. Every time I think of it my blood boils. Better security now, cameras and the whole bit.
Thanks for the gift, KD. My big gift this morning is that it's in the low 30's instead of the mid 20's. There are still blankets and sheets over everything.
xo jz

Mary said...

I knew she'd fling some scientific names on you. You can always count on it :o)

Thanks for sharing your day!

KGMom said...

KatDoc--lovely pics, even if the macro function failed you. I confess to having macro problems myself.
Thanks for letting us share the gift to Julie.

Susan Gets Native said...

That was a nice idea, Kath. I thought it might be "befuddling" Julie with horses or something.
: )