Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birders wear their causes ...

... on their cars! Saw some fun (and funny) sights in the parking lots at Magee last weekend. First of all, the number of Toyota Prius and Honda Civic hybrid vehicles was great. Way to go, birders, for being eco-aware, and making your footprint on this earth as small as possible. (As for you SVU drivers out there, and you know who you are, I can only assume you were carpooling with your birding pals, right?)

Secondly, many people had birding or
environmental bumper stickers and window decals on their cars, supporting their local birding club or promoting outdoor fun and education.

This person listens to NPR, belongs to the National Wildlife Federation,
and wants to encourage kids to get outdoors. Sounds good to me.

This Ohio birder is a member of the ABA, the OOS, and
Columbus Audubon.
S/he also supports the
American Bird Conservancy,
the BSBO,and the National Wildlife Refuge system.
I can get behind that.

Bet you can't guess whose car this is!

Saw many political decals, too, like the Kerry/Edwards backers who won't give up, or my favorite political sticker, "I disliked Bush before disliking Bush was popular."

Birding at Magee isn't limited to the boardwalk. You can get some of your best sightings in the parking lot.

I saw a peregrine,(Susan almost stole this plate!)

a chickadee,
a pileated woodpecker,
and a warbler (species unknown.)


NCmountainwoman said...

I enjoy reading decals, license plates, and bumper stickers. They tell a lot about the person inside.

Susan Gets Native said...

I've seen the Pile8D folks Adams County, I think.
And for the record, I was NOT going to steal that plate. I just wanted to borrow it for a minute.

KatDoc said...

I have actually ridden in the "PILE8D" car before!


Anonymous said...

I'm a "pile8d" in another state..people always ask me what "pile-8D" means. I've even gotten "Oh, you do pileates?" I'm still waiting for someone to finally say "oh, pileated woodpecker!" Guess I need to drive to more birding events. :-)


Sonny said...

Flickr set of bird license plates

I've made a collection of (mostly bird) personalized license plates. Like you, picked up a lot of them in the parking lot at Magee Marsh in May '08. Here's my set (hey, we got some of the same cars!)