Monday, May 26, 2008

Something Fishy's Goin' On Here

Sometimes, I love my job. One of those times is when a drug company or pet food company or lab service company invites me out to eat at some nifty spot. Of course, they invite 100 other vets, also, but that is just so I won't feel lonely! And, the price is right. If I listen to a short spiel about what they have to sell, they will feed me and entertain me and get me some CE credits, too. Faithful readers of this blog will remember the WEBN Fireworks show and river cruise, also a Continuing Education course, that I attended last fall. Yeah, life's tough in the vet med biz.

Last week, it was Antech Lab's
turn to spoil me. Dinner, two hours CE and free admission to the Newport Aquarium. Whoo-hoo! I'm so there!

The aquarium is at Newport on the Levy, an upscale shopping-dining-entertainment venue on the Ohio River, in Newport, KY. Seems like most of the best places to go in the Cincy area are in Kentucky these days, but you do get nice views of the Cincinnati skyline.

There were so many cool critters. Photography was tough; the lights were low, things kept swimming around, and of course, I couldn't use a flash, which would reflect off the glass (and would probably bother the residents, too). Despite all that, I managed to come home with some decent shots that I'm not too embarrassed to show you.

I don't know the name of most of these things - make one up if you must have an ID. Otherwise, just enjoy the pictures.

Some kind of ray swimming overhead in the tunnel.
Some kind of shark, ditto.

Blue starfishPink anemoneand green ones


Another kind of shark - white tip, maybe?
Shark being chased by other fish
Shark in the dark

A shark ray

Primitive looking, isn't it?

Some other kind of ray


The aquarium is awesome. Can you believe it? I'd never been. I only had about 30 minutes to look around, and I had to pack in as much viewing (and blog-prep) as I could in that short amount of time. I can tell I will have to go back and see everything I missed, including the aviary. Surely even I could get photos of birds that can't get away!


nina said...

You always do such a fantastic travel "brochure"--maybe they should hire you!

And I just browsed back through comments and found I'd overlooked one of yours asking about the Blue-eyed Mary (oops, sorry).
I found it at CNC a couple weeks ago--and it might be still there?
It's covering the woods where the Geology Trail meets the Wildflower Trail, right where field and woods meet--about 10 feet off trail. I even think there's a bench that backed up to it!
So if you're there, take a break --and a peek!

KatDoc said...

That's the spot! I must have had my timing wrong, too early or too late.

Thanks, Nina.


NCmountainwoman said...

What great photos. I can hardly identify and name them, but they surely are fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, Kathi! The one of the starfish makes me think of the dentist's aquarium in Finding Nemo where the starfish is stuck on something like that, flings its head back to say something and then smacks itself back on to the rock.