Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Save of 2008

Driving into work this morning, I saw a small box turtle on the road. He was in the middle of my lane, and I didn't see him in time to stop, so I carefully straddled him, then turned around to go back and move him off the road. For some reason, many people find sport in hitting a turtle, so I try to move every one I can find.*

*[When I say I do turtle rescue, I have to confess to a certain prejudice. I tried to save a snapping turtle once and he kept biting at me. Now, I limit my efforts to BOX turtles only.]

This was a fairly young guy, so I took the opportunity to lecture him on highway safety.

"Stay off the road, little turtle," I admonished. "It is a very dangerous place to be." I set him down on the grassy verge, taking him in the direction he had been heading.

As I turned back toward my car, I thought I saw the adolescent "eye roll." I definitely heard a sigh and a muttered, "WhatEVER."

Teenagers. You can't tell them anything.

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Susan Gets Native said...

Youngsters think they know everything.
But were there for him anyway.

P.S. I miss my puppies. Thanks for giving them shelter and lovin'.