Monday, February 11, 2008

ACL Update

Sunday was Grace's tenth day post-op. I took out her stitches.

Her leg is looking pretty good, and she is about 50% weight-bearing. Now comes the tough part - not letting her do too much too soon. Hard for both of us to keep the activity level to a minimum.

Word of the Day: Sequela [Latin]

A pathological condition resulting from a previous injury or illness.

"Grace's ACL repair could break down as a sequela from too much activity during her recovery."


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yahoo, no more cone head. I think Grace should celebrate with a special treat like a good ole chew bone that she couldn't get to easily with the cone!

Kathy said...

Oh, so glad to see her leg without the stitches! It looks like her hair is starting to grow back. Were you able to remove the stitches without having someone calm her, or was it a two person job?

KatDoc said...


I took them out myself, but Grace was actually kind of bad about it. She kept on flipping her head back at me, almost as if she was thinking about snapping. (She knows better than to actually try.) I had to speak quite harshly to her to get the job done.

No more cone-head --- Greenies for everybody!


Mary said...

Sounds like you could have used another set of arms but you did good! No more lamp shade. Glad Grace is getting better!

Susan Gets Native said...

Go Gracie!

I've taken stitches out of cats before, but it would frost my shorts to manhandle a big ol' Rottie....even one as sweet as Grace.